Türkiye Cumhuriyeti'nin kuruluşunun 88. yıldönümü vesilesiyle düzenlenen resepsiyonda yapılan konuşma

Fatih Yıldız 27.10.2011
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Members of the Consular Corps,
Citizens of Turkey and Turkish Americans,
Dear Friends of Turkey,

History has shown that states and regimes that invest in their people always grow stronger. Turkey, which celebrates this week the 88th Anniversary of its founding, stands tall as a testament to this historical fact.

The founder of our country, Kemal Atatürk, with his great vision, was able to see back then that the Republican regime, which was based on the absolute and unconditional sovereignty of its people, was the key for the stability of the country and the prosperity of its people. One can better appreciate this by bearing in mind that there still are regimes and leaders in the world, especially in the close proximity of Turkey, that cannot grasp this vision, which Atatürk was able to do so, 88 years ago, at a time of great distress during the interim war period and in a region which was more complex than today.

Therefore, we have some good reasons to be proud of our founding father, our ancestors and our Republic. So, this celebration is most well deserved.

We certainly feel proud that Turkey is one of the most developed democracies in the Eurasian landmass, as well as the fact that Turkey ranks as the 16th largest economy in the World and 6th largest economy in Europe. But we cannot and should not be content with what we have done. As Atatürk once said, “We need nothing but to work hard”. And that is exactly what fellow Turkish citizens are doing. They are all working hard just like with the idea once put by a contemporary of Atatürk, President Calvin Coolidge, who once said, “Duty is not collective, it is personal”. Every single Turkish public servant, businessman and professional is trying to do their best and be the best in their respective areas, which inevitably leads to a well deserved self confidence. And I am glad to see many examples of people of such caliber in the Turkish American community who are among us today.

Today, in fact we have some more good examples of these self-confident Turks, visiting Chicago for the World Medical Tourism Congress, extending the limits of Turkey in an area where we are now one of the emerging leaders in the world. People working hard with self confidence are exactly what Turkey needs. But also they are what is needed by the people of our region, who closely follow Turkey and see it as a source of inspiration.

Therefore we are well aware of the responsibility that faces us and the fact that we should not and cannot fail.

May Lord give Turkey the strength to carry this important task and may it bring us all peace.

Thank you.

Ayşe Selcan Şanlı Consul General
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