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Press Release Of The Turkish Ministry Of Foreign Affairs , 25.04.2009

Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Press Release Regarding the Statement of
President Barack Obama on "Armenian Remembrance Day"
(Unofficial Translation)
25 April 2009

As in the previous years, President Obama issued a written statement on 24 April on the occasion of the “Armenian Commemoration Day”. We consider some expressions in that statement and the perception of history it contains concerning the events of 1915, as unacceptable.

It should not be forgotten that several hundreds of thousands of Turks have lost their lives as well in the same region and throughout the same period in the context of the 1915 events.

History can be construed and evaluated only on the basis of undisputed evidence and documentation.  Common history of the Turkish and Armenian nations has to be assessed solely through impartial and scientific data and historians must base their evaluations only on such material. It is with such an understanding that we support the historical dimension of the  Turkish-Armenian dialogue.

On the other hand, we consider positively the stance of President Obama on the Turkish-Armenian normalization process.